The Russian Embassy in India has announced the visit of Pyotr Veliky, the Russian nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser, at the port of Mormugao in India from 6 to 11 August 2010.

The Pyotr Veliky cruiser will carry out a joint PASSEX-type naval exercise with the Indian Talwar Class missile frigate INS Trishul on 11 August.

The warships will practice joint manoeuvring and conduct several communications drills.

The 251m-long Russian warship has a displacement capacity of between 24,000t-26,000t, can accomodate a crew of more than 700 sailors and cruise at speeds up to 31kt.

The ship carries weapons that include 20 SS-N-19 Shipwreck missiles designed to engage large surface targets, and 12 SA-NX-20 Gargoyle launchers with 96 missiles, two SA-N-4 Gecko with 44 missiles provide air defence.

The Russian cruiser previously visited Mormugao during the INDRA-2009 joint anti-piracy naval drills with the Indian Navy.

Mormugao is the only port on the Indian western coast that allows visits by nuclear-powered ships.