The UK Royal Navy has commissioned its new Type 45 Class destroyer, HMS Daring, after intensive sea trials and rigorous basic operational sea training.

The 150m-long ship with a displacement capacity of 7,500t can track and destroy a target equal to a size of a cricket ball travelling at three times the speed of sound.

The T-45 destroyers are designed to perform a wide range of missions including supporting land forces, and humanitarian and anti-smuggling roles.

HMS Daring is capable of operating a range of helicopters from its flight deck and can go onboard with an additional 60 troops other than the 190 crew members.

Minister for Defence Equipment Support and Technology Peter Luff said that the first Type 45 Class in service was a significant achievement for the Royal Navy in delivering the fleet of the future.

HMS Daring will undergo further operational training and capability development for its first operational deployment in 2011.