The Republic of Korea Navy has successfully trialled the Aegis combat system for its vessel Sejong the Great.

Sejong the Great is the first of three KDX-III destroyers being built by the Republic of Korea.

The 10,000t fully loaded KDX-III destroyer is the largest surface warship to carry the Aegis combat system with a standard displacement capacity of 8,500t.

The combat system ship qualification trials (CSSQT) were conducted at the Pacific Missile Range Facility.

The CSSQT has evaluated the Aegis combat system for combat-readiness through intensive surface, subsurface and anti-air warfare exercises and tested the system’s tactical data link capabilities.

The anti-air warfare exercises included manned aircraft raids, electronic attack scenarios and live Standard missile-2 and rolling airframe missile air defence engagements.

The Aegis system includes Lockheed’s SPY-1 radar, which when paired with the mk41 vertical launching system is capable of delivering missiles for every mission and threat environment in naval warfare.

Lockheed Mission Systems & Sensors vice-president and general manager Jeff Bantle said the ship will provide novel air defence, anti-submarine, anti-surface and self-defence capabilities to the Republic of Korea Navy.

Currently, Aegis is deployed on 93 ships around the globe and is the weapon of choice for Australia, Japan, Norway and Spain.