Canada has received the first set of ten new mid-life upgrade (MLU) outer wings from Lockheed Martin for installation on a CP-140 Aurora maritime surveillance aircraft.

Under the MLU programme, Lockheed will replace the outer wings, centre wing lower surface, horizontal stabiliser and horizontal stabiliser leading edges with new material.

The company will also replace the aging structures of the aircraft with significantly enhanced corrosion-resistant material to reduce maintenance costs.

The upgrade programme will extend the operational readiness of the CP-140 to 20 years structural service life up to 15,000 hours.

Lockheed Martin P-3 service centre IMP Aerospace will install the new wings at its facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Canadian Forces operate a fleet of 18 CP-140 Aurora aircraft which is primarily used for search and rescue, littoral / overland surveillance, economic zone and shipping lane protection, submarine detection and anti-terrorism operations.