The Colombian Navy has received the first CN235-300 maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) from Airbus Military.

The CN235-300 MPA is equipped with the Airbus Military-developed fully integrated tactical system (FITS) and short take-off and landing (STOL) characteristics.

FITS displays the data gathered by a comprehensive battery of sensors to the two tactical operators and two pilots in an spontaneous and usable format.

The sensor suite includes a search radar to locate and track ships and an automatic identification system.

The CN235-300 MPA is supplied with an infrared camera to capture images and make digital video recordings of the missions for playback after the event.

The aircraft is capable of carrying 6t of payload and can cruise at a maximum speed of 240kt (450km/h).

The MPA is designed to perform military surveillance missions such as economic exclusion zone monitoring, fishery patrol, maritime interdiction, and search and rescue operations.

The CN235-300 MPA is the third aircraft that the Colombian Navy has acquired and will join the two CN235-200 MPAs already in active service.