The Pakistani Navy (PN) is planning to acquire Type 054 frigates from China, according to Pakistan’s chief of naval staff.

Admiral Noman Bashir said the PN was deeply satisfied with the performance of the F-22P frigate it purchased from China and hopes to further its cooperation with the nation.

The Type 054 is an upgraded version of the Jiangwei and Jianghu Class frigates of the People’s Liberation Army Navy.

The estimated 4,000t Type 054 consists of stealth features that include a sloped hull design, radar absorbent materials and reduction of surface equipment.

The main weapon has two four-cell launchers along with the YJ-83 sea-skimming anti-shipcruise missile.

It also has an eight-cell launcher with the HQ-7 SAM, an amended version of the French Crotale missile.

The HQ-7 system is incorporated with eight ready-to-fire missiles and 16 additional missiles stored in the automatic reloader.

The frigate comes with a helicopter flight decked at the stern, a 100mm main gun and four AK-630 CIWS turrets.

Two of the four F-22P frigates the PN ordered are already in service, with the third expected to be commissioned on 15 September.