The Venezuelan Navy has received the final of four exclusive economic zone (EEZ) vessels, the Karin, from Navantia at its facilities in San Fernando, Spain.

The vessel will undergo a wide range of missions including surveillance and protection of the EEZ, protection of maritime traffic, defence of strategic interests, search and rescue operations control, marine pollution, relief and humanitarian aid, information-gathering and passive electronic warfare.

In November 2005, Navantia signed a contract with the Venezuelan navy for the construction of four EEZ patrol vessels and four littoral surveillance ships (BVL).

The 98.90m-long offshore patrol vessel has a displacement capacity of 2,200t and can reach a maximum speed of 25kt.

The first littoral surveillance ship, the BVL Guaicamacuto, was delivered on 2 March 2010 and the other vessels are scheduled for delivery by the end of 2011.