The Singaporean Navy has successfully conducted an Aster surface-to-air missile live firing test during the multilateral Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) naval exercise, held from 23 June to 1 Aug 2010 off the coast of Hawaii.

During the test fire, the Aster missile was launched from the Singaporean Navy’s Formidable Class frigate RSS Supreme in the operational phase of RIMPAC.

The frigate has carried out various maritime operations including combined anti-submarine and air defence missions with the participating navies.

RSS Supreme is participating in the exercise along with more than 30 ships, five submarines, 150 aircraft and 20,000 personnel from 13 other countries.

The Aster missile, with a range of 30km, is capable of counter attacking a wide range of new-generation threats including high-speed, stealthy and highly manoeuvrable sea skimming anti-ship, cruise and anti-radar missiles.

Features of the Aster missile include a fire control system with multifunction electronic scanning radar and Sylver vertical launchers each containing eight ready-to-fire missiles.