The US Navy has received 1,500gal of 100% algae-based jet fuel from Solazyme to test as part of the Navy’s objective to operate half of its fleet on renewable fuel by 2020.

Solajet HRJ-5 is the world’s first 100% algae-based jet fuel specifically designed for use as a renewable aviation fuel for naval purposes. This shipment will be used as part of the navy’s testing and certification programme.

Solazyme CEO Jonathan Wolfson said the first microbial-derived advanced biojet fuel would aid the military’s transition away from fossil fuel towards more secure, renewable and reliable sources.

“The military has recognised the national security imperative of creating alternative energy solutions,” he said.

Solajet HRJ-5, which provides an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, has already been tested and satisfied all of the navy’s requirements for renewable hydrotreated jet fuel.

The delivery of Solajet HRJ-5 is part of the US Navy contract that was awarded to Solazyme by the US Department of Defense in September 2009.