Sikorsky Aircraft’s German multirole helicopter team (GMRHT) will work together to offer the Cyclone multirole helicopter to Germany.

The GMRHT involves German and European defence companies including Rheinmetall Defence Group, RUAG, MTU Aero Engines (MTU) and ZFL.

Sikorsky European Sales vice-president Joseph Gigantelli said that, together with General Dynamics Canada, the team was continuing to identify and select German companies to partner with on this initiative.

The CH-148 Cyclone is a twin-engine, multirole shipborne helicopter with capabilities including anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, and search and rescue.

Derived from the combat-proven S-92 helicopter, the Cyclone will be fully equipped for ship-based operations including automatic blade and tail fold systems, and a deck to aircraft recovery assist system.

Features of the Cyclone aircraft include enhanced rotor and drive designs, bird strike protection, a flaw and damage-tolerant design, and protection from turbine bursts.

The aircraft has crash-resistant fuel systems and high-intensity radio frequency. It is also expected to be used by the German Air Force.