The US Navy has received the Paveway II enhanced laser-guided training round (ELGTR) from Lockheed Martin.

The ELGTR is a live-fire training solution that accurately simulates the flight characteristics, guidance system and laser-guided bomb envelope of the Paveway II system.

Compatible with F/A-18, AV-8B and F-16 aircraft, the ELGTR allows the aircrews to practise delivery tactics in a real-mission environment and experience actual weapon characteristics with current range limitations.

The US Navy precision strike weapons programme manager Captain Carl Chebi said the ELGTR was a reliable and cost-effective tactical employment tool that enables the aircrews to efficiently train for and maintain combat readiness.

The ELGTRs production being carried out at the company’s facility in north-eastern Pennsylvania is part a $114m, five-year contract awarded in April 2005.