The US Navy’s nuclear-powered attack submarine, USS Missouri (SSN-780), has successfully completed its maiden voyage in open seas.

During the sea trials, the Virginia Class submarine has demonstrated its propulsion plant fully mission capable through a wide range of submarine and propulsion-plant operations and high-speed runs.

The 377ft-long, 34ft-wide USS Missouri is the seventh Virginia Class submarine with a submerged displacement capacity of 7,835t manufactured by General Dynamics Electric Boat.

With an accommodation of 134 crew and a maximum speed in excess of 25kt, the submarine will undergo operations including anti-submarine, anti-surface warfare, covert precision strike as well as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

Electric Boat, together with Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, has received contracts to produce a total of 18 Virginia Class submarines of a planned 30-ship deal between the two shipyards.