The first LM2500 aeroderivative marine gas turbine for the Australian Navy’s air warfare destroyer (AWD) has been successfully tested by GE Marine at its Evendale facility in Ohio, US.

During the test, the first LM2500 gas turbine demonstrated rated power and the ability to operate at other partial power load levels.

The test also verified the critical airborne and structure-borne noise levels in conjunction with the vessel’s planned power levels.

Each vessel will be equipped with two LM2500s, which will be configured into a combined diesel and gas turbine arrangement with two diesel engines.

The Australian Navy also operates 16 LM2500 gas turbines for its Adelaide and ANZAC Class frigate programmes.

In addition, the navy will use the same propulsion system for the next-generation landing helicopter deck amphibious ships to be named HMAS Canberra and HMAS Adelaide.

Australian Submarine Corporation has ordered six gas turbines from GE to power three of the navy’s Hobart Class AWDs.

GE will deliver two LM2500 engines to ASC shipyard beginning in 2010 through 2012 while the first gas turbine equipped AWD will be delivered in early 2015 with the remaining two in early 2016 and mid 2017.