Nanosonic has developed a new hybrid coating material that provides enhanced fire and blast protection to various US Navy ship structures.

The new polymer nanocomposite, called HybridSil, will be useful for a wide range of applications including providing safer, protective coatings for buildings and vehicles.

However, the new polymeric material is specifically designed for enhanced blast protection of the military fleet and produces zero flammability and smoke toxicity.

The material also provides enhanced protection from land mine blasts when compared to panels that were not treated with the new spray-on coating technology while significantly reducing the probability of damage to ships and personnel.

Nanosonic polymer science and engineering director Vince Baranauskas said the material has been developed using nanotechnology and polymer science.

The product has successfully completed production acceptance tests, enabling the company to begin manufacturing pilot-scale quantities as part of the US Navy Commercialization Pilot Program.