The Russian Navy has launched a new nuclear multipurpose attack submarine, the Severodvinsk, at the Sevmash shipyard.

The Severodvinsk is one of two Graney Class nuclear submarines specifically designed to launch a variety of long-range cruise missiles to engage submarines, surface warships and land-based targets.

The 111m-long and 12m-wide nuclear submarine has a full load displacement of around 13,000t, accommodation for 50 crew and a top cruising speed of 35kt.

The submarine is equipped with a total of 24 cruise missiles including 3M51 Alfa cruise missiles, and the SS-NX-26 Oniks missiles.

Armament onboard the vessel also includes eight torpedo launchers, as well as mines and anti-ship missiles such as the SS-N-16 Stallion.

The Severodvinsk is expected to enter service with the Russian Navy by early 2011.