The Canadian Navy will receive only six of the planned 19 CH-148 multirole shipboard helicopters from Sikorsky by June 2012, as confirmed during renegotiations by the Department of Defence.

Sikorsky is acquiring a total of 28 CH-148 Cyclone helicopters to replace the Canadian Navy’s Sea King aircraft under a C$5bn ($4.7bn) contract awarded in November 2004.

As per the renegotiated deal, Sikorsky will deliver the CH-148 helicopters at a rate of one a month beginning in November 2010, according to

A total of 19 helicopters were scheduled to be delivered by June 2012, however, the defence department that said only six helicopters would be sent to Canadian bases by that time.

Defence Department spokeswoman Lianne Lebel said six helicopters would be sufficient to complete the necessary operational testing and training until fully compliant helicopters were delivered.

“The remaining 22 helicopters with upgraded engines will begin flying to Canadian bases in 2012, while the six early choppers will be sent back to have their engines retrofitted,” she said.

Deliveries of the helicopters, originally scheduled to begin in November 2008, will begin in November this year.