The UK Royal Navy has officially commissioned its second Type 45 destroyer, HMS Dauntless, at Portsmouth Naval Base.

HMS Dauntless commanding officer Captain Richard Powell said the destroyer featured cutting-edge air defence and propulsion technology.

“The ship is able to deal not only with today’s threats but also, most importantly, tomorrow’s and will be a key element of the 21st-century Royal Navy,” he said.

The Type 45 destroyer is the largest and most powerful air defence destroyer built to protect UK national and coalition forces against enemy aircraft and missiles.

Dauntless, the second of six Type 45 destroyers, will carry principal anti-air missile system (PAAMS) including the UK-designed Sampson multifunction radar.

PAAMS can defend the ships from multiple attacks from even the most sophisticated anti-ship missiles and aircraft.

The Type 45 accommodates up to 60 troops and helicopters including Chinooks and will undergo a wide range of worldwide maritime and joint operations.