Northrop Grumman has unveiled new naval display features for its marine navigation radar systems.

Currently available for Northrop’s VisionMaster FT series of naval radars, the new naval display options include dual-radar input, 600kt target tracking capability, CCTV interface and stabilised sector transmission.

The dual-radar configuration of the new display options allows inputs from two separate asynchronous radar units to be shown on a single integrated display presenting nearby and far-off targets by eliminating blind arcs.

The radar operator can also track targets from both radars by using the correlated inputs to provide a single target on the screen.

Additional features of the VisionMaster FT naval radar systems include red first strike for identifying fast-moving targets, helicopter approach sectors, freeze frame for periods of radar silence, station keeping, index lines and target intercept.

Northrop Grumman Naval and Marine Systems Division vice-president of naval systems international J Nolasco DaCunha said the new enhancements would improve situational awareness and optimise operational effectiveness for all classes of naval vessels.