The Russian Navy will operate its remaining three Typhoon Class strategic nuclear-powered submarines until 2019, according to navy commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky.

Vysotsky said the modernisation opportunities for the attack submarines were large and therefore they would remain in operation until 2019, according to Rianovosti.

Two of the Typhoons, also known as Akula Class nuclear attack submarines, the Arkhangelsk and the Severstal, are scheduled to undergo modernisation at a naval base in Severodvinsk in northern Russia.

The submarines will be upgraded to the standard required to carry new-generation sea-based cruise missiles.

With a maximum displacement of 33,800t, the Typhoon Class submarines can carry 20 SS-N-20 Sturgeon solid-propellant ballistic missiles.

Russia will replace the Typhoons with the new Borey Class strategic nuclear-powered submarines, which will be equipped with Bulava missiles.