Northrop Grumman will supply additional AN/SPQ-9B shipboard radar systems to the US Navy under a $41.4m contract.

Under the contract, Northrop will supply six radar shipsets, which include a third radar of a three-system procurement for the Australian Navy’s air warfare destroyer and three antenna groups.

Northrop Grumman’s Maritime Sensors director, Todd Leavitt, said the AN/SPQ-9B search radar sets integrated with the ships’ fire-control systems significantly improve the ability to defend against small, high-speed threats, including surface-skimming anti-ship missiles.

The multi-mission radar is capable of detecting small, fast-moving targets in all environments and will include 3-D volumetric search capability soon after the final development is completed.

The supply is part of a five-year $281.5m contract originally awarded in October 2009 to provide radar sets to various ship classes, including US Nimitz-Class carriers and Ticonderoga-Class cruisers, as well as the first international sale of the SPQ-9B to the Australian Navy.