The Australian Navy has awarded a contract to Babcock to supply high-pressure (HP) air reduction stations for their three Hobart Class air warfare destroyers.

Under the $1.6m contract, the company will supply eight Thomson Valves-manufactured reducing stations on each of the Hobart Class AWD fleet – HMAS Hobart, HMAS Sydney and HMAS Brisbane.

The reducing stations will control air supplied for the operation of emergency low-pressure air; and starting the gas turbines, propulsion diesel engines and diesel generator.

Babcock will also provide a wide range of maintenance and refurbishment services for the valves and reducing stations on the Anzac Class frigates.

The AWD valves contract will be managed at the company’s new Techport facility while the support work will be carried out by Babcock at its facility in Western Australia, which is equipped with specialist support and test equipment.

Deliveries are expected to be complete within the next three years.