Sparton Corporation will manufacture sonobuoys for the US Navy under a contract awarded to the ERAPSCO joint venture.

Under the $14.5m contract, the company will produce sub-assemblies for the AN/SSQ-101A (Q-101A) sonobuoys to support US naval anti-submarine forces.

The AN/SSQ-101A Air Deployable Active Receiver (ADAR) sonobuoy is an A-size, expendable, acoustic signal receive array.

The ADAR’s digital signal processing and a Sparton Digital Compass for bearing determination enables the navy’s maritime patrol aircraft to achieve target localisation and tracking capabilities.

Production work will be carried out at the Sparton facility in DeLeon Springs, Florida and is scheduled to be complete by December 2011.

ERAPSCO is a joint venture between Sparton Electronics and Undersea Sensor Systems from Columbia City, Indiana.