Thales Nederland will deliver and install an integrated mast on the joint logistic support ship (JSS) being engineered by Damen Schelde Shipyard in Flushing for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

The I-Mast 400 is a central-mast structure that houses most radar, optronic, and communication sensors and antennas including associated processing cabinets, according to

An integrated mast can resolve the sensor problems encountered on many naval platforms that often have more than 50 antennas for surveillance, communications, fire control and navigation.

The navy will build the I-Mast 400 in Den Helder while the subsystems will be built in and tested at the Thales facility in Hengelo and delivered to the shipyard in January 2014.

The 27,800t JSS is scheduled to be delivered to the navy in 2014 and is expected to be fully operational in 2015.