US-based Z Microsystems has collaborated with Italy-based Eurolink Systems to provide its ZX series of rugged computer servers to the Italian Navy.

As a partner company, Eurolink Systems will supply the ZX1, ZX2 and ZX3 servers to a global communication supplier for integration into on-board computing systems used in the FREMM European multi-mission frigate programme.

The new ZX 1-2-3 series are low–profile, rack mountable, rugged computing and graphics processing servers.

The ZX1 station is 1.72in high, the ZX2 is 3.45in high and the ZX3 is 5.25in.

The compact and lightweight powerhouses are 20in deep to save rack space while delivering a flexible and high–performance solution for mission–ready applications.

The ZX series integrates the latest computing technology with a system architecture supporting any extended motherboard with support for up to 3, 6 or 12 rugged hot–pluggable TP2 removable drives, a slim-line DVD-RW dual layer, and an environmental control board.

Designed and built for the harshest military environments, the chassis of the ZX 1-2-3 series of servers can sustain shock, vibration, humidity, and high/low temperature.

The FREMM European multi-mission frigate is a joint programme between France and Italy that originally included plans for a total of 27 FREMM frigates of which 17 for the French Navy and ten for the Italian Navy.

The frigate is designed to operate in anti-air, anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare and is capable of carrying out deep strikes against land targets.