The US Navy has awarded a contract to Boeing to supply laser joint direct attack munitions (JDAM) for the navy’s direct attack moving target capability (DAMTC) requirement.

Under the $11.4m contract, the company will supply 23 munitions for testing and evaluation, which is expected to lead to a production contract in 2011.

Boeing Weapons vice-president Debbie Rub said the non-developmental laser JDAM was proven on today’s battlefields.

“DAMTC will provide enhanced moving and manoeuvring capability beyond current laser JDAM capability when it counts the most,” she said.

The laser JDAM combines a precision laser seeker to acquire and track laser-targeted signals and a JDAM guidance tail kit to engage the target.

The DAMTC also includes other munitions, which will guarantee the ability to engage stationary, fast-moving and manoeuvring land targets.

The contract has options which could make the total delivery of 11,000 units cost over $91m.