The South Korean Navy has said that it will deploy additional advanced aircraft near its border with North Korea.

The navy said it would deploy eight refurbished P-3CK aircraft acquired from the US, according to Press TV.

The South Korean Navy currently has eight Lockheed Martin-built P-3C Orion aircraft in operational service.

More-advanced P-3CKs would carry better surveillance equipment and weaponry, like the Harpoon Block II air-to-ground missiles, according to the navy.

The planes, which the navy says will concentrate on enemy coastal artillery units or missile launchers, are being deployed in an effort to safeguard the country against military threats from North Korea.

According to the South Korean Defence Ministry, Seoul has received a request from North Korea for talks on 2 March 2010 related to the passage of people and material to a joint factory park located in the North’s border city of Kaesong.