The US Navy Aegis destroyer has received an upgraded display system from Video Display Corporation (VDC).

The upgrade uses VDC’s ruggedised MarqueeHD SSL6000 DLP projector with a solid state light engine specifically developed for US Naval applications.

Tests on the new projection visual system were carried out by VDC in cooperation with Lockheed Martin and the US Navy prior to its installation.

The new MarqueeHD SSL6000 DLP projector with solid state light engine technology meets US Naval MIL Specifications for shipboard operation and safety.

Some of the features for the new lightweight projector include LED illumination, mean time between failure (MTBF) in excess of 40,000 hours, high colour stability, low heat generation, low power consumption, numerous lens options, guaranteed long production life and controllable infrared as an option.

Deliveries of the new projection systems for the US Navy are expected to run until 2013.