India has unveiled a new submarine-launched medium-range ballistic missile, called Shaurya that can carry 1t of a conventional or nuclear armed warhead over a range of 750km at Defexpo 2010.

Specifically designed for the new Indian submarines, Shaurya could reach all major cities in mainland China such as Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai, when launched from a submarine off the China coast, according to

In addition, the missile also could reach all of Pakistan from off-shore positions in the Arabian Sea.

The missile has been developed alongside the K-15 Sagarika ballistic missile, built with significant help from Russia.

Shaurya can be launched from under water as well as from land, according to VK Saraswat of the India Defense Research and Development Organisation.

The missile uses a two-stage solid propelled rocket after launch and can perform trajectory corrections by using an on-board inertial navigation system to achieve high accuracy.

The missile is capable of shaping its descent trajectory, posing a difficult target for missile interceptors.

Shaurya has an overall accuracy of 20-30m Circular Error Probable (CEP) to perform effective conventional attack as well as nuclear strike.

The missile uses the same canisters already used by the Brahmos tactical, supersonic cruise missile, offering the submarine a wide range of surface attack options.

The Indian Navy Submarines will deploy a mix of Shaurya and Bramhmos missiles on vessels such as INS Arihant, the countries first indigenously built nuclear-powered submarine.