The Indian Navy will equip its P-28 class of ships with a new generation multi-sensor, multi-weapon defence system to combat enemy targets.

The Bharat Electronics-developed Gun Fire Control System (GFCS) is designed to provide air, surface or shore defence with 76mm and 30mm guns.

The GFCS is a quick reaction, multi-sensor, multi-weapon, short / medium / long range defence system against air, surface or shore targets onboard naval ships, according to a senior official at Bangalore-based Navratna Defence PSU.

The system incorporates five functional sub-systems, which include tracker, weapon control, sight control, a combat management system and support systems.

Acting on early warning search radars, GFCS locates a hostile target using a radar or video tracker, and accurately tracks its approach to obtain reliable target data.

The collected data is further processed and used to control the weapons to destruct the target by simultaneously pointing it in an exact ballistic firing position.