The US Navy has awarded a contract to Applied Technical Systems to design and build the common digital sensor architecture (CDSA) core system for its above-water sensors.

Under the $13m contract, the company will design, build and manage the CDSA core system and provide engineering development models and a product data management framework for the CDSA core system.

The CDSA programme was designed to create a common architecture and support process to enhance operational efficiency and minimise total lifetime costs.

Applied Technical Systems CEO David Wachter said that it was designing the CDSA core system from the ground up for supportability.

“Through collaboration between logisticians, engineers and software analysts, we are developing a seamless product data management environment that is designed to achieve unprecedented levels of system availability and over $1bn in projected sensor maintenance cost reductions over the system’s lifetime,” he said.

Work under the five-year contract will be carried out by the US Navy Naval Surface Weapons Center in Crane, Indiana.