The current Chief of the Singapore Army, Major-General (MG) Neo Kian Hong, will soon become Chief of the Defence Force, replacing Lieutenant-General (LG) Desmond Kuek Bak Chye.

Hong will be replaced by current Chief of Staff Brigadier-General (BG) Chan Chun Sing as the new army chief when he takes his new position on 31 March, according to The Government Monitor.

The moves are part of an overall leadership renewal in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), designed to tackle conventional and new security challenges.

LG Kuek was Chief of the Army from 2003 to 2007 and since 2007 has served as Chief of the Defence Force.

LG Kuek led the SAF’s transformation into a modernised, integrated and networked fighting force.

The incoming Chief of the Defence Force, MG Neo, has held several key appointments, including Chief of the Army since 20 March 2007.

MG Neo conducted joint military exercises and professional exchanges with other armed forces in the region and played a significant role in the SAF’s participation in international peacekeeping and humanitarian missions.

The new Chief of the Army, BG Chan Chun Sing, was previously in various roles including Commander of the 10th Singapore Infantry Brigade, Head of the Joint Plans and Transformation Department and Commander of the 9th Division and Chief Infantry Officer.