The US Navy has awarded a contract to Raytheon for the provision of evolved SeaSparrow missiles for the Nato SeaSparrow Consortium.

Under the $200m contract, the company will deliver 241 evolved SeaSparrow missiles (ESSM) and 47 shipping containers to the Nato SeaSparrow Consortium.

The ESSM defends the high-speed, highly manoeuvrable anti-ship cruise missiles, surface threats and low-velocity air threats. In addition to the high firepower, the missile offers increased performance against smaller, sea-skimming targets.

ESSM features a state-of-the art fuse that maximises lethality against low-altitude, low-cross-section threats and the missile could be launched without any prelaunch warm-up.

Work under the contract will be carried out at several locations around the world and is expected to be complete by August 2013.

The contract has been awarded by the US Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington, DC.