The Indonesian Navy has announced that it will decommission 21 Nomad planes and six ships from its fleet.

Navy Commander Rear Admiral Agus Suhartono said the Nomad planes would be used as training planes while the six ships, which had been in service for 20 years, would be scrapped.

“The remaining Nomad planes will serve as training planes for navy pilots and carry out surveillance and maritime patrol tasks,” he said.

A total of six Indonesian-made CN 235 maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) will replace the Australian-made GAF N22 Nomad aircraft.

The navy has also procured six CN 235 MPA planes to replace the Nomad fleet as part of Indonesian Navy’s strategy for the period of 2010-2014.

“With the equipment set in the CN 235 MPA, the planes would fit with the navy’s long-haul operation needs. It has an anti-submarine system and other technical specifications needed by the navy.”

The Indonesian Navy has increased the operation of its NC-212 200 planes to support the maritime patrol role of its aging Nomad planes.