The US Navy has awarded a contract to KVH Industries to provide its fibre optic gyro-based TG-6000 inertial measurement unit (IMU) for use in the Navy’s MK54 torpedoes.

The KVH TG-6000 IMU features a three-axis configuration and accurately measures rate and acceleration critical for the navigation of torpedoes.

The three-axis configuration offers an all-fibre design and patented Digital Signal Processing for high reliability, superior accuracy and performance, high vibration, shock, and acceleration survivability.

In addition, the integrated IMU provides low maintenance and easy system integration for use in a wide range of applications including manned and unmanned vehicle navigation and guidance systems for aerial and underwater vehicles.

KVH sales department vice-president Jay Napoli said the integration of the KVH TG-6000 within the MK54 torpedo validates the precision, performance, robust design and value offered by fibre optic gyro technology and inertial measurement units in particular.

Deliveries under the $6.4m contract are expected to begin in 2010 and will run until 2011.