The construction of a U212A Todaro submarine for the Italian Navy has started at Fincantieri’s shipyard in Muggiano.

The submarine is the first of the second pair of class U212A Todaro submarines that are being manufactured to replace the navy’s Sauro-class Prini and Pelosi submarines.

Fincantieri is manufacturing the two vessels in cooperation with the German Submarine Consortium, which has already delivered two submarines, Todaro and the Scirè, for the Italian Navy.

The 56m-long and 7m-wide submarine will have a surface displacement of 1,450t.

The submarine will accommodate a crew of 24 and will cruise at a submerged speed of 20k.

The new submarine will employ magnetic materials and feature highly innovative technological solutions as well as the latest silencing devices to reduce its acoustic signature.

In addition, the submarine will also feature a fully integrated electro-acoustic and weapon-control system and a modern platform automation system.

A silent propulsion system based on fuel cell technology will be equipped to the submarine that produces energy through an oxygen-hydrogen reaction independently from external oxygen, increasing the submerged range to four times when compared with battery-based systems.