The UAE Navy has contracted Rolls-Royce to supply 24 lightweight waterjets to for its fleet of fast patrol boats.

The waterjets will be used on 12 new fast patrol boats for the UAE Navy, being manufactured by Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB), based on the proven Ghannatha Class fast troop transport vessel.

Each of the 12 vessels will be equipped with two Kamewa FF600 waterjets that are fitted with interceptors for tighter turning capability, enhanced stability and reduced fuel consumption.

The waterjet features a waterjet control system called as the incorporated interceptor control (IIC) to control interceptors on waterjets.

In addition, Rolls-Royce will also supply joystick control systems that will improve the manoeuvring capability of the vessels.

The waterjets provide enhanced manoeuvrability and allow vessels to be turned on the spot within a few boat lengths.

The new 26.5m-long fast patrol boats are being constructed from aluminium and the integrated waterjets will help the vessel cruise at a maximum speed exceeding 35kt.

The waterjet-powered vessels improve safety during rescue missions and are suitable to operate in shallow waters.

The first waterjet-equipped fast patrol boat is scheduled to enter the UAE Naval service in 2012.