The Indonesian Navy has received ten LVT-7A1 amphibious tanks from South Korea as part of a military cooperation programme between the two countries.

Indonesian Navy spokesman First Admiral Iskandar Sitompul said the ten tanks were previously used by the South Korean military.

“They overhauled the tanks, including the engines, before handing them over to us,” he said. South Korea is planning to send 20 more amphibious tanks to the navy.

The amphibious tanks will be used by the Indonesian Marine Corps (Kormar), which will also receive 17 BMP 3F amphibious tanks purchased from Russia as part of a $1bn loan agreement signed between the two countries in 2006.

The tanks are the same class of vehicle as the BTR-60 and the PT-76 currently in use by the Indonesian Navy.

South Korea has delivered the vehicles without weapons installed, and is supplying spare parts separately.