BAE Systems has formed a team to begin the next development phase of the US Navy’s primary intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting (ISR&T) system.

The team is competing for a contract to transition the distributed common ground system-navy (DCGS-N) to an application-based system.

The team, assembled by BAE, includes General Dynamics, Sun Microsystems, MTCSC, Space Dynamics Laboratory, InVisM and Athena consulting.

BAE Systems information solutions president Gene Glazar said the work on the project ensures the US Navy maintains information dominance in any battle space.

“Knowledge and intelligence are essential elements in providing an advantage to our warfighters,” he said.

The team is competing for a contract for the conversion of DCGS-N to an application-based system through the DCGS-N prime mission product DCGS-N PMP.

The DCGS-N PMP allows the navy to share and distribute vital ISR&T data across multiple warfare areas for analysis and targeting in support of a range of missions.