The US Navy has awarded a $450m contract to Rockwell Collins to provide AN/ARC-210 aircraft radios.

Under the four-year contract, the company will produce the next-generation AN/ARC-210 radios called RT-1939-C, which are software reprogrammable with new performance capabilities.

The ARC-210 communications system provides two-way, multi-mode voice and data communications over a 30-512MHz frequency range in secure or jam-resistant modes via satellite communications links.

In addition, ARC-210 includes embedded ultra-high frequency and very high frequency anti-jam waveforms and other data link and secure communication features.

The performance capabilities of the RT-1939-C radios include a frequency range extension to cover 30-941MHz, enhanced networking and data transfer.

Production of the RT-1939-C radios will begin in 2010.