The harbour of Greenville in Liberia has been reopened for use after a hydrographic surveys of its waterways conducted by Royal Netherlands and US Navy survey teams.

The harbour had been closed to maritime traffic following a recent shipwreck as well as poor due to a lack of information from outdated hydrographic surveys and poor connecting roads.

Royal Netherlands Navy hydrographic survey officer Peter Van Poppel said surveys would ensure that Liberian nautical charts are up to date and will show safe paths for shipping vessels to navigate.

Both the Dutch and US Navies surveyed the harbours of Buchanan, Greenville and Monrovia in Liberia using motion reference, multibeam echo sounding and precise GPS positioning to get complete information of each harbour.

In addition, the survey teams installed tide gauges to record changing tide levels.

The seven-day survey was carried out by teams embarked on the Royal Netherlands Navy amphibious ship HNLMS Johan de Witt.