The US Navy has awarded a contract to Raytheon to continue its support for the ship self-defence system (SSDS) on aircraft carriers and other naval vessels.

Under the $9.6m contract, the company will improve naval vessel capabilities for the Zumwalt Class destroyer programme by integrating dual-band radar, the evolved SeaSparrow missile (ESSM) and the rolling airframe missile block 2 for SSDS-equipped ships.

In addition, the company will provide combat systems engineering, software engineering, configuration control, integration and testing.

The contract is a modification of the existing naval contract in which Raytheon integrates complex combat improvements with SSDS for various US Navy aircraft carriers and amphibious ships.

Currently four classes of aircraft carriers and expeditionary ships including LSD, CVN 68, LPD 17 and LHD class have been equipped with SSDN.