The US Navy will commission the amphibious assault ship Makin Island on 24 of October. It will be the first ship of its class to be specifically designed to be energy efficient.

The eighth Wasp Class amphibious assault ship is the first to replace steam boilers with gas turbines and also be equipped with both gas turbines and an auxiliary propulsion system.

The US Navy expects the new propulsion system of the ship to result in fuel savings of more than $250m over the ship’s entire life cycle.

The ship is also armed with two Nato SeaSparrow surface missile systems, two rolling airframe missile systems and two Phalanx close-in-weapons systems or anti-air warfare protection.

The 844ft-long ship has living space for nearly 3,200 crew members and embarked forces.

Makin Island is named after a daring raid on the Japanese-held Makin Island in the Gilbert Islands, which took place in August 1942.

The Makin Island will be a member of US Pacific Fleet as part of Amphibious Group Three and will be home ported in San Diego.