The US Navy’s fleet of logistics support aircraft C-130T will receive an engine instrument display system (EIDS) from Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S) under a contract awarded by BAE Systems.

The EIDS is an easily retrofitted upgrade of the engine instrument cluster. The system provides all existing engine related parameters and surface position indicators.

IS&S military business development vice-president Farhad Daghigh said the EIDS will provide an ideal solution for C-130 operators facing ongoing maintenance issues with the aircraft engine gauges or the prospect of existing equipment becoming obsolete.

“The system features an inbuilt growth capability into a complete C-130 cockpit, which is unique and highly desired by operators who have a limited annual operating budget,” he said.

The logistics support aircraft can undergo missions including emergency evacuation of personnel and key equipment, advanced party reconnaissance and special warfare operations.

Integration and installation by BAE Systems is scheduled to begin in early 2010 followed by a series of flight tests and subsequent installation of the EIDS on the rest of the aircraft.