The US Navy has awarded a $49.3m contract to Alliant Techsystems (ATK) to procure AAR-47 missile warning system (MWS) components for the US military and its allies.

ATK’s AAR-47 missile warning system is an electronic warfare system designed to protect helicopters and aircraft against surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles.

Under the contract, the company will provide missile launch detectors, which include both the AAR-47 A(V)2 and B (V)2 configurations.

The MWS will detect when a missile is fired or a laser is pointed at the aircraft and provides an audio and visual sector warning to the pilot.

Work will be carried out at ATK’s facility in Florida and is expected to be complete in early 2012.

ATK has been under contract with US Navy and US Marine Corps since 1991 to manufacture AAR-47 MWS which is now installed on aircraft flown by the US and its allies in more than 16 countries.