The US Navy has awarded a contract to Augusta Systems to develop a intelligent surveillance system built upon the company’s EdgeFrontier products.

The surveillance system will integrate multiple types of monitoring technologies into a converged, intelligent solution, providing enhanced protection of military facilities and assets including port and river security operations.

Under the contract, the company will use its EdgeFrontier software to develop a converged system featuring unattended ground sensors, environmental threat detection systems and an intelligent visualisation system.

The integrated system will also feature event or policy-based actions and a map-based user interface to provide a common operating picture for data visualisation and management.

Augusta Systems president and chief executive officer Patrick Esposito said the intelligent system, built upon EdgeFrontier platform technologies, would enhance the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of the army.

The system includes Augusta Systems EdgeFrontier appliance and panoramic imaging technologies built by single-shot panoramic imaging technology company EyeSee360. It will be used at fixed locations or on-board unmanned vehicles.

EdgeFrontier is a remotely configurable software that provides a complete platform for intelligent convergence solutions. It supports integration and normalisation of data, events and control functions from diverse devices, systems and networks.