The German Navy has awarded a €11.6m contract to automotive and defence company Rheinmetall Defence for an additional 12 MLG 27 light naval guns.

The remote controlled MLG27 light naval gun system is designed to protect small surface combatants and other small vessels and can also serve as secondary armament on larger craft.

The 27mm naval weapon system features an integrated electro-optical sensor package with TV camera, thermal imager, laser range finder, tilt sensor, stabilised mirror system and video tracking system for automatic and manual target tracking.

The naval gun incorporates high-precision optics and highly advanced ammunition technology enables effective engagement of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, speed boats and point targets on land.

The MLG27’s low weight and small size means that it can be installed on all kinds of vessels without the need for deck penetration.

The German Navy’s four new F125 Class frigates and a new combat supply ship, the Bonn, the first scheduled to be delivered in 2014, will be equipped with the new MLG 27 guns.