The UK Royal Navy’s flagship aircraft carrier, HMS Illustrious, will take the lead in Joint Warrior, a Nato military exercise off the coast of Scotland.

The 21-day war game, will simulate three nations fighting over disputed territory and will also include naval forces from the US, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Turkey and Brazil.

The US and Canada will provide four ships each alongside other ships from Denmark, France, Turkey and the Brazilian frigate BNS Defensora.

A total of four submarines – one from the UK, two from Norway and one from France – will also participate in the exercise alongside helicopters, aircraft and ground forces from the UK, Belgium and the US Marines.

During the exercise live firing from fast jets, naval guns and land-based mortars will take place within weapons ranges across the UK.

The exercise will not interrupt environmentally sensitive conservation zones of the important economic activities of farming, fishing and tourism.