The US Navy has awarded a contract to electronics manufacturer Orbit International Corporation for its mk119 gun computer system cabinet (GCSC) and mk437 gun mount control panels (GMCP).

The mk119 GCSC is an unmanned, environmentally isolated shipboard enclosure that houses a standard 19in electronics rack containing processors, electronic devices, cooling and power conditioning equipment to perform processing, interfacing and data extraction functions.

The mk160 gun computer system (GCS) is a system that receives target data from shipboard sensors to compute a ballistic solution through which it provides gun orders and selects projectile types.

The mk437 GMCP is a significant subsystem component that supports the mk160 GCS. It includes custom fabricated enclosures; commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and non-developmental items (NDI) components.

All the Aegis Class warships and destroyers use both the mk119 GCSC and the mk437 GMCP control panels, which are operationally integrated with the 5in/54 mk45 gun mount (GM) systems.

Deliveries are expected to start by the end of 2009 and continue through the second quarter of 2010.