The US Navy has awarded a $10.75m contract to electronic equipment company Tektronix to supply digital phosphor oscilloscopes (DPOs).

The oscilloscopes will be used to support a variety of navy electronics systems including radar, communications, and navigation as well as supporting various navy training programmes.

Under the five-year contract, the company will supply 5,000 units of Tektronix 100MHz, dual-channel TDS3012C DPO oscilloscopes which will be used by the Naval Inventory Control Point.

The 100MHz, dual-channel TDS3012C DPO is one of the models of TDS3000C series oscilloscopes that provides sufficient performance to visualise fast-changing signals in a compact, battery-capable design.

In addition, the TDS3000C series will be used in the navy’s metrology labs to assist with calibration and equipment repairs.

The contract follows oscilloscope programmes awarded by the navy for 100MHz, dual-channel TDS3012Bs under a six-year programme and 500MHz, four-channel TDS5054B oscilloscopes under a five-year programme.