The UK Royal Navy is set to purchase 12 gunner remote sighting systems (GRSS) incorporating Q-Sight helmet-mounted displays from BAE Systems for the mavy’s Lynx mk8 helicopters.

The UK Ministry of Defence placed the first order for the products at this year’s Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) exhibition in London .

The BAE-developed Q-Sight is a new helmet display product that provides the pilot with heads-up / eyes-out capability to deliver mission-critical situational awareness.

The Q-Sight will allow the image from a machine gun-mounted thermal weapon sight to be displayed remotely on a see-through display mounted on the weapon operator’s helmet.

The system is compatible with standard night-vision goggles and enables the pilots to switch between goggles and the thermal sight to acquire, track and engage targets.

The Q-Sight technology workinjg in conjunction with the thermal sight will significantly improve effectiveness and accuracy of shots on target.

Because it weighs less than 4oz, the Q-Sight can easily be equipped to any standard helmet, providing plug-and-play capability and also eliminates the need for complex intermediate lenses that are heavy and create visual distortions.